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Ciputra World, 11th floor, Suite 11, Kuningan, Jakarta Pusat

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Kemang Village Residence


Kemang Village

A modern interior with white and beige tones gives a light and airy impression. The room is separated into several functions almost without any physical divider, keeping an open floor design. Sequentially, the kitchen, dining room, living room, and television viewing room flow so as to facilitate circulation and visual access. In this main room, the two sides of the room have wall-wide glass windows that provide additional ornamentation in the form of a panoramic view of Jakarta from a height. To enjoy it, just sit back and relax on the “U”-shaped sofa and take your eyes off the whole room including the outside of the building.

Even though the color chosen tends to be pale, it doesn’t feel monotonous, thanks to the presence of several accessories that make it lively and colorful, such as cushions, curtains, posters, standing lamps and some wooden brown decorative elements. On the ceiling there are quite a number of tiny light points that can enrich the atmosphere at night with warm white light. The entire interior elements such as supporting each other and creating a chic composition that is not excessive, everything feels right.

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